IdP service of PTE

Informations about the service

PTE provides a SAML-based authentication service for user central identification.

The advantages of the system compared to unique identification:

  • It is based on a maintained central user database with a high data security background
  • Users do not need to remember multiple IDs and passwords
  • Service providers do not have to deal with password issuance
  • The access options can be determined based on the standard attributes of the users
  • Central identification participates in national and international federations

The IdP transfers the attributes of the users only for services the user actually logs in. The data is transferred to external services only with consent of the user.

The service is primarily used by PTE's internally developed applications.

PTE organizational units can apply with a unique connection request at

In the case of a service outside PTE, you can primarily connect to the service through the EduID association.

Key rollover 2022

The certificate of has been changed. The new certificate is delivered by the metadata feed of EduID and EduGain federations.

If you use manual configuration, the metadata with the new certificate is here:


As a founding member, PTE joined the Hungarian Research and Education Federation (HREF/eduID) in 2012, and through this also to the international eduGAIN federation. The federation membership allows our users to own the services provided by the members of the federation Log in with their PTE ID, and users of the federation members provided to them by PTE use services.


See Attribute specification.

All of standard attributes in the eduID federation: HREF attributum specifikáció

Guides for SP installation

In PHP environment, SimpleSAMLphp is recommended. A simple guide (in Hungarian) is here.

In Nodejs, for example passport-saml module can be used. A sample app is here.

In any other environment, the Shibboleth is an universal solution.